School Self Evaluation Report – Literacy

Self-Evaluation Report

St Mary's NS, Cloghan, Birr, Co. Offaly.

The area of literacy was evaluated.


Our school has identified strengths in literacy in the following areas:
" 100% of Parents who responded to our survey reported that their child likes reading
" 94.5% of Parents who responded to the survey agree, or strongly agree that their child is doing well at reading.
" 70% of Parents who responded to the survey stated that they agree, or strongly agree that they get good information from the school about how their child is doing in English.
" Our whole school standardised test results in literacy are well above average. However, as many classes in the school have less than ten pupils, we cannot draw further conclusions from this.
" Children reported that they like reading and are generally well-disposed towards literacy.
" The vast majority of children reported through the survey that they particularly enjoy silent reading time.
" Children also reported enjoying free-writing time.
" Teachers report that the Parents are supportive of their efforts.
" Children write in a variety of genres with a generally good standard of handwriting.
" Children can recount stories and are confident in spoken language.

The following areas are prioritised for improvement:
" The teaching of spelling, particularly in the senior classes
" Provision of a print-rich environment throughout the school
" Introduction of a new phonics programme at Junior level
" Review of English/literacy policy in the school.


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