Online access to books for all classes

The Book Companies have provided the following links to online books for free for all classes.

Edco have provided a free login service for parents and teachers.  A huge range of books available, including Bua na Cainte (infants to 4th class) and Beal Beo (5th and 6th class).

Login details:

Username: primaryedcobooks      Password: edco2020

Below is the link for a month free access to Dabbledoo website available to all parents.

CJ Fallon have our school readers (Let’s Go, Up and Running etc) available along with all their other primary publications. Requires student/parent to set up an account by giving their name and email and that will give them access to all the resources.

Maths books available on Folens also (Planet maths)

If you are having problems gaining access to these resources, email the company directly and the will sort out the issue.