Physical Education Section

Physical Education

The PE programme incorporates six strands – Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Aquatics and Outdoor and Adventure activities.


Strands              Strand units
Athletics Running



Understanding and appreciation of athletics

Dance Exploration, creation and performance of  dance

Understanding and appreciation of dance

Gymnastics Movement

Understanding and appreciation of  gymnastics

Games Sending, receiving and travelling

Creating and playing games

Understanding and appreciation of games

Outdoor and adventure activities Walking, cycling and camping activities


Outdoor challenges

Water-based activities

Understanding and appreciation of outdoor and adventure activities

Aquatics Hygiene

Water safety

Entry to and exit from the water

Buoyancy and propulsion

Stroke development

Water-based ball games

Understanding and appreciation of aquatics

Our Area of Focus: Dance


This year we are putting a special focus on Dance. As a whole school approach, we are using PSSI lessons on Dance, which are an excellent resource for teachers and outline a comprehensive programme of work specific to each class lesson incorporating a variety of approaches and methodologies across the class levels.

A folder of all lessons has been made for each class teacher. The lesson cards have been laminated to ensure that they are easy to access and can be used over the next few years.

Our active school committee carried out a survey in each classroom of our favourite songs. These songs were compiled onto a CD unique to each class, which will be used during dance lessons.

We are using dance breaks as part of our active class breaks throughout each day to ensure we reach our exercise targets. Some of these initiatives include Go noodle and Just dance.